Causes Cash


Roadmap of planned features and ideas

Last updated: May 9, 2020
The goal for Causes Cash is to make BUIDLing for Bitcoin Cash sustainable; through contributions in the form of financial, labor, resources and more.


  • [ ] Reach out to the Bitcoin Cash community for platform feedback.
  • [ ] Enable dynamic content using IPFS OrbitDB.
  • [ ] Enable a secure web wallet, dedicated to public pledges.


  • [ ] Add i18n support (w/ Chinese)
  • [ ] Enable hardware wallet support (w/ Ledger)
  • [ ] One-click downloadable runs "locally" in your web browser
  • [ ] Allow for GDPR-free, IPFS edition (no usage logging, no error reporting)


  • [x] Complete static content (for preview).
  • [x] Build a Vue.js wireframe.
Please don't hesitate to comment below on the current list above, as well as your own feature requests. This will be an open-source project, open to any and all contributions.