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Liberal Radicalism

Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (CLR)

It's a mouthful!

Here's another, "Square of the sum of square roots." (Remember that, cause we'll talk about it at the end of this lesson..)
First and foremost, this will be a "community" fund .. FOREVER!
However, the need for endowments, the generosity of benefactors and the cooperation of States will forever play a role in its success.
RadicalxChange—We need art to help us imagine new possibilities, scholarship to help us use the lessons of the past to design better societies, entrepreneurship to build new institutions, and activism to bridge ideological lines to fight hate and division.
Voting is managed via a MolochDAO-style organization. All contributors automatically receive shares in the organization. That is the ONLY way to acquire shares in the organization.
Participants will VOTE (using the CLR token) to substantiate the validity of the individual donators, in order to mitigate the sybil attack vector. How? I'm honestly NOT sure yet, but we'll sort it out ;-) Thoughts are that there would have to be some depreciation of the "validity" bestowed upon the individual donators, perhaps (during or after) each funding round, to further mitigate "gaming" of the system .. BrightID could provide some guidance towards this effort.
This whole concept was quite confusing to me, but this article really helped make sense of the mathematics behind it. (take a look at the chart below)

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