Causes Cash



TL;DR Every cause gets its own token; allowing contributors to manage their individual contributions and vote on how much gets distributed and how often it gets distributed.
Decentralized Radical Investment Performance Pool (DRIPP), is a NEW system based on DAICO. The proposal was originally made by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teusch. DAICO's have NOT been used widely by the crypto community. However, the principles do make a lot of sense for our purposes here.

How does it work?

Sponsors will contribute to a funding pool (specific to a single cause); and collectively VOTE to maintain control over the rate of dispersement of funds held within the pool. At ANY point during the campaign, contributors are free to withdraw ANY portion of their own contributions/investments (forfeiting their proportional voting rights).

Financial Independence

Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it. —John D. Rockefeller
The purpose of this program is NOT for the everlasting support of its contributors; but to develop a sustainable model for financial independence.
One-off campaigns are best served using one of the other models available here. However, for projects looking for sustainable income, this model is a first-step towards learning how to build a business.