Causes Cash


For the sake of completeness, this funding option will be reserved for "special cases"; when the receiver(s) are NOT willing to offer ANY accountability for the use of funds.

Privacy coin

The use of Monero (XMR) is currently the safest medium of transfer. 100% of funds will be sent directly to the receiver.
Please note: Some campaigns may choose to offer this funding option, in ADDITION to, one of the other more traditional funding options.

Privacy protocol

BIP-47: Reusable Payment Codes allows a campaign to generate a payment address, which would then obfuscate the pledges received from contributors.

Public campaigns

Anyone can CREATE a new campaign.
However, ALL campaigns MUST first be approved by the Causes team, before being displayed to the public. It should go without saying that NO illegal activities will be allowed to campaign via the public website.

Private campaigns

Anyone can CREATE a new camaign.
A private URL will be generated, which can be used to "immediately" promote your cause via your OWN channels.
Private campaigns are STILL subject to suspension, if found to be promoting illegal activities.
ALL legal considerations will be based on US law.